The Restoring Liberty podcast with Stephen R. Christiansen (Steve Christiansen)

Episode 38 - September 18, 2021 - Major Headlines; In-depth on COVID and Doctors Speaking Up

September 19, 2021

Major Headlines

  • Treasonous behavior by General Mark Milley during Trump administration (with Tucker Carlson video clip) 
  • November 2020 election and election integrity (Arizona, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, California recall election)
  • Afghanistan tragedy
  • Immigration crisis (with video footage)
  • The economy and the debt ceiling
  • The danger of Instagram

In-depth on COVID

  • Initial impact of Biden's vaccine mandate
  • Utah's response to Biden's action
  • Growing cases in high-vaccinated countries/states
  • Hospitals losing staff due to vaccine mandate
  • Shocking revelations from Dr. Mollie James, whistleblower
  • Biden-controlled distribution of monoclonal antibodies
  • FDA advisory panel recommending against booster vaccines for most Americans
  • Stunning success of prophylactic and therapeutic treatment with Ivermectin in India
  • Powerful resolution from doctors attending Global Covid Summit

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