The Restoring Liberty podcast with Stephen R. Christiansen (Steve Christiansen)

Episode 32 - August 7, 2021 - Major Headlines; In-depth on Immigration Crisis

August 8, 2021

Major Headlines

  • November 2020 election audits

    • Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium (August 10-12)
    • Arizona update
  • Presidential election - 2024
  • President Biden's cognitive decline
  • Two democratic governors whose futures are in question
  • Texas legislature
  • $1.2T infrastructure bill and Biden's electric vehicle sales target
  • Privacy vs. child sex abuse
  • COVID-19 update
  • Critical Race Theory and Mao's Class Conflict Theory

In-depth on our immigration crisis and the rule of law

  • Video clip of Ben Bergquam (Real America's Voice)
  • Audio clip of Congressman Greg Steube (R-FL)

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